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Spriggs Reid Wedding

I truly could not have gotten married without Tammy as my wedding planner. She was so organized and kept us on track for every step of the wedding planning process. She went above and beyond to make my untraditional blending of cultural traditions a reality, from doing hours of research on wedding traditions from our respective heritages to helping us write our wedding ceremony. She helped my groom and me DIY many of our beautiful decorations. The day of the wedding she kept the entire wedding party and various vendor staff in line to give us the best possible day. I couldn't recommend her more!

Amanda Reid

SCA Childrens' Fete and Other Events

As the regional vice president for the SCA, Inc, I have worked with Tammy on more than one event for our non-profit organization. She has handled both small and large events, indoors and outdoors. Her organizational skills are outstanding, and she pays attention to the big picture and small details. She was the event planner for our annual post-Christmas party twice, running a seated dinner for hundreds with all day activities, vendors, and a ballroom for dancing. She has even run several large children’s parties for us. She coordinated our volunteers to provide activities and games for over 300 children. Tammy is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her!

Sarah Toich

FHE Annual Prom

For several years Tammy Reid headed up the Forsyth Home Educators prom. She was involved in lining up the location, shopping for supplies, decorating, preparing, serving, supervising and cleaning up. Her thorough planning including being responsive to food requests supportive of the diverse themes. She supervised quite a variety of volunteers with varying abilities, keeping everything moving smoothly and the tables always filled. I appreciated her efficiency in planning, preparing, serving and cleaning up quickly.

Sharon Ward

Hall Alma Wedding

Tammy and I worked together at various events for over 10 years where her professionalism and business savvy was frequently on display.  When Adrian proposed, I reached out to Tammy to help make our wedding vision into a reality.  We talked through plans and contingencies.  She delegated work efficiently and encouraged us to define our levels of participation.  Tammy regularly checked on us pulling us back when we got off track or giving us a needed break from our plans. As the bulk of the wedding execution was a family affair, Tammy corralled our friends and family with grace and understanding. Her light yet firm touch kept the day enjoyable for all.  We cannot thank Tammy enough for her attention to detail and the seamless execution of our special day.

Kathy and Adrian, Bride and Groom

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